Firefox 2 now available

Firefox 2 now available The new version of Firefox is now available for preview here. Although not really relating to Windows Mobile, this is a web browser you should be aware of. Many may have seen Internet Explorer 7 and the various parts it “lifted” from earlier versions of Firefox. Well, now it looks like Firefox have “lifted” bits from IE7 – most noteably moving the “close” button onto the tabs themselves plus there’s now a phishing filter to stop you giving your Paypal / bank details to fake sites.

Other additions include an improved theme and user interface, enhanced search capabilities, previewing and subscribing to Web feeds (like ours), inline spell checking, live titles and much more.

Oh, and for those that have already emailed me about this – no, Firefox 2 isn’t the follow-up to the really naff 80’s movie with Clint Eastwood and the mind-controlled Russian jet. 😉

Link – Firefox – Version 2 Preview