Navideo – Transmit your GPS position

Navideo   Transmit your GPS position We get stacks of emails here at CoolSmartPhone HQ. Believe me, if this was “real post” then we’d have the postman calling one of those “No Win No Fee” companies for his back pain. Anyhow, one that stuck out was from They do software which combines navigation with mobile communication. In a nutshell it means that your GPS position can be sent to others over t’interweb.

The new software, for Pocket PC’s, lets you exchange your GPS positions wirelessly. It features…

– Exchange GPS positions via SMS/Email with one click

– Emergency calls

– Define incoming positions as target for navigation.

– Overview your fleet with your PC

– Save placemarks/tracks in Google Earth/Maps format. Years of travel fit on a PocketPC.

You can download the software for free on their website here or get more detailed information.

Link –