Virgin Lobster 700TV Review

Virgin Lobster 700TV Review We managed to get hold of a Virgin Lobster 700TV phone recently. It’s a Smartphone with an extra added bonus – you get digital radio (DAB) and you get some TV channels too. Yep, ITV1, BBC1, E4 live plus Channel 4 and ITN. We wanted to really give it a good work-out, so this review has everything we could think of – pictures, details, screenshots and close-up photographs. We even went one stage further this time and did three YouTube videos too. Coorr… the power of the t’internet. Ain’t it great? I guess that should make up for the lack of Podcasts recently.. a bit 🙂

The handset is available now from Virgin Mobile and, I’ll confess, the TV and Radio I tested worked really quite well indeed. I even managed to watch the evening news whilst stuck in traffic on the motorway. All I need now is a phone to bring my dinner plus a can or two of beer and I’ll be all set. 🙂

Link – Virgin Lobster 700TV Review