Raging Thunder – Hot arcade racing now available

Raging Thunder   Hot arcade racing now available

Want to wow your mates with an excellent demonstration of what your Windows Mobile can do? Check this out. It’s Raging Thunder, an excellent new racing game with great 3D fluid graphics and a full shot of adrenalin.

You take control of one of the three racing cars then drive as fast as you dare through a variety of tracks with beautiful scenery. Don’t spend too much time looking at that though, because you’ve got to succeed in order to upgrade your car and take on extra tracks and challenge other opponents.

This is not a “realistic” driving simulator – this is a future arcade classic with the emphasis on fun. Get your kick now for £7.99 here. Don’t forget to grab yourself a ClickPaygo account too so you can re-download whenever you like.

Link – Raging Thunder (Pocket PC and Smartphone)