Lobster 700 TV Phone now available

Lobster 700 TV Phone now available The Virgin Mobile Lobster 700 TV handset is now on sale. As previously mentioned it’s the first Windows phone to be carried by Virgin but that’s not all – it’ll also let you watch TV where-ever you are. You can get it for just £199.99 on a pay-as-you-go tarrif or completely free on selected contract tarrifs.

The phone uses the DAB network to let you receive live TV and up to 50 digital radio stations, all at no extra cost. You can get BBC One, ITV1, E4 as it happens plus Channel 4 short cuts.

Check out our earlier story for pictures of the device in action plus close-up shots. The “Tellyphone” also offers “red-button” interactivity and features an exclusive seven-day electronic programme guide (EPG).

Have you got one of these? If so, let us know what you think in our feedback forum – we’re also after pictures too!

Links – Virgin Mobile Lobster 700 (Pay As You Go)Virgin Mobile Lobster 700 (Contract)

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  • Wendy

    The phone is excellent in many ways.

    I current;y have an internal battery problem though (assuming there is one). Could really do with getting it fixed as it’s the best mobile phone I’ve ever had. I have had it a few years now! Newer phones just haven’t cut it :)

  • Tayyab_9984

    i have lobster 700 tv mobile.i charge its battery and after it mobile is off and not start again some time mobile is start but its give invalid sim and after mobile is stuck and not restart what its problem 
    reply me soon and also how i update mobile software window ???????
    Best Regards