Mecora – Your PC’s music where-ever you go!

Mecora   Your PCs music where ever you go! A new service from Mecora lets you access to your music on your PC from your mobile phone. Mercora, a digital music company, is now running this service as a free preview until the end of October.

Srivats Sampath, top dog at Mercora, said, “Mercora M represents a seminal shift in the way music can be delivered to people on their mobile phones. The popularity of Smart phones like the Motorola Q, coupled with the widespread proliferation of mobile broadband networks provides us with the ideal environment for building the optimal mobile music solutions based on the mPhone technology.”

Users of this service can also tune in to up to five of their friends’ and family members’ music collections, and discover new artists and groups from around the world through social radio, which gives them access to more than 100,000 channels, searchable by artist or genre, over mobile 3G networks.

Give it a try and post your experiences in the comments section below!

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