Motorola Q arrives in Canada

Motorola Q arrives in Canada Bell Canada have now launched the Motorola Q on their CDMA network. Costing $449 without contract, or $249 on a 3 year contract with a $60 data plan or above.

Actually I’d like to ask you guys a question. I’m fully aware of the reasons for it, but do you think that contracts are getting a bit long now ? Just a short while ago the 12 month contract would be the norm and we’d be free to alter the talk plan without penalty, however now 18 and 36 month plans seem to be everywhere. It’s almost like buying a car on finance!

What’s your opinion? Would you prefer to pay less up front for the phone (or nothing in some cases) and be tied into a contract for a year and a half or possibly even three years or would you take the pay-as-you-go route of paying up-front?

Link – Bell Canada

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