LG to launch a Windows Mobile Smartphone

LG to launch a Windows Mobile Smartphone The guys at NewMobile.com recently had a chat with the guys at LG and had a look at some of their rather sexy new handsets. They all look rather sexy and polished however we were rather drawn to this snippet of info..

“Dirk Jan van Heteren mentioned to us the upcoming introduction of a new Windows Mobile smartphone from LG. The device is build-in a candybar/monoblock form factor and runs Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone edition. The complete device is controlled with touchpanel keys and controls. Even the numerical keypad contains a touchpanel system.”

“The first step for LG in the smartphone market was expected for some time now and it will be truth in the close future. The idea behind the device and the way in which they will work out the complete concept will be unique within the current smartphone segment. We cannot wait until we get a hands-on demonstration and hope that we can inform you with some extra information around 3GSM World Congress in February.”

Yep, a Windows Smartphone is coming from LG. No shots of this as yet peeps, but if it looks anything like these other LG models we’ll be putting it on a table somewhere and just staring at the thing in admiration 🙂

Link – NewMobile.com