Cingular stamps the Samsung SGH-i607

Cingular stamps the Samsung SGH i607 This howardforums post has pictures of the Samsung SGH-i607 coming to Cingular very soon. It looks like Samsung has several variants of the SGH-i600 series which is also known as the “BlackJack”. This one has yet another keyboard configuration by the looks of it but one thing that’s missing is the face-pointing camera. The prominent Cingular branding is there for all to see, as is the large “HSDPA” emblem on the back.

The SGH-i607 Windows Mobile Smartphone is quad-band GSM with HSDPA/3G/EDGE/GPRS data plus Bluetooth, 320×240 pixel screen, MicroSD slot and that wheel on the right side for quick menu access. Oh, and let’s not forget that 802.11b/g WiFi t’boot eh?

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