VoIP +GSM + Windows Mobile = hipi-2200 phone

VoIP +GSM + Windows Mobile = hipi 2200 phone This is the hipi-220 Windows Mobile 5.0. Whilst it’s not a handset you’ll see appearing on a major network soon it represents the next “leap” in mobile communications. It’s not just a regular “cell” phone but also a SIP VoIP phone too. Using SIP it can connect to your VoIP server and route calls out via its’ 802.11b/g wireless connection.

If you’ve been checking my gadget photo blog you’ll have probably seen the VoIP phones I’ve looked at previously. They usually look like this or this and, if I’m being brutally honest, they’re absolutely terrible to use or setup. It took my nearly 2 hours to get one connected to a WiFi network once and I nearly chucked it out of a window. So, when I heard about the hipi-2200 I was surprised to see that it not only combines a “regular” phone with a VoIP handset, but it also has Windows Mobile 5.0 on board meaning a much better user experience. The hipi-2200 comes from Paragon Wireless and has an apparent seamless handover between the two modes. There’s a 176×220 pixel TFT display, 2 Megapixel camera, and MiniSD plus everything you’d expect from Windows Mobile 5.0.

Link – hipi-2200Paragon WirelessClick here to learn about VoIP