Tweak your Smartphone

Tweak your Smartphone You may well remember Sniper that we mentioned earlier. It’s brought to us from the guys at and, if you do a bit more digging, there’s more goodies to be found. Firstly SmartTweaker brings us 55 tweaks for your Smartphone to let you tune and speed-up your phone and there’s a 10% discount available right now making it just $5.95 – that’s about £3.14.

If you’d like to make the same tweaks and changes yourself for free then check this forum where they list how to apply all the tweaks yourself instead of doing it the “easy way” with the SmartTweaker program. Oh, and while we’re checking out their free stuff, why not take a look at SmartScroll, it’s a free utility for nice smooth scrolling in Internet Explorer on your phone.

Links – SmartTweakerSmartScroll

Credit – Sp00k