Flex your mind with Advanced Brain Trainer

Flex your mind with Advanced Brain Trainer Fancy stimulating your brain ? Sure, you could do the crossword in high-brow newspapes like “The Times” but, let’s face it, no-one ever completes that and besides you’d look crazy sat on the train trying to fold the thing. If you want a more compact, colourful and fun way to flex your brain cells then try Advanced Brain Trainer. Available now for $14.95 (£7.89) it’ll test all aspects of your mind in an exciting and rewarding form of entertainment.

There’s various and fast-paced mental activities to train different aspects of your brain: memory, focus, reaction time, logic and more. Just choose your coach and get analysis of your results plus motivatation and guidance. It’s available for both Pocket PC and Smartphone here.

Link – Advanced Brain Trainer