XDA Orbit Announced by o2 Germany

XDA Orbit Announced by o2 Germany About a month ago we mentioned that a well-known network was going to pick this device up, then last week we kinda spilt the beans a bit so it’s no surprise that o2 Germany has today announced the device as the o2 XDA Orbit.

The XDA Orbit will sell on the o2 Germany networks with TomTom 6 packing maps of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, all pre-installed from a 512MB MicroSD card. The XDA Orbit packs a scroll wheel and back-lit trackball control system for easy navigation in the dark. It’s also got WiFi, Bluetooth, FM Radio and will cost 249.99 Euro with a 24 month contract.

No news as yet on an o2 release elsewhere however it should hit o2 Germany in the next couple of weeks.

Links – o2 Germany Press ReleaseFull Specifications

Pictures – TheUnwired.net