XDA Cosmo Announced by o2 Germany

XDA Cosmo Announced by o2 Germany Another handset announced by the boys at o2 Germany is the o2 XDA Cosmo. Yup, it’s our old friend the HTC Excalibur – soon to show up also on T-Mobile USA as the “Dash”. It’s got WiFi, Bluetooth, 1.3 Megapixel camera and of course that full QWERTY keyboard – although in Germany it’ll be the “QWERTZ” keyboard.

Featuring a 320×240 pixel screen the XDA Cosmo will be sold for a mere 99.99 Euro with the 24 month “Genion Flatrate” package. There’s the usual push-email stuff too, plus you’ve got that HTC Joggr strip on the side for tap ‘n slide navigation.

Links – o2 Germany Press ReleaseFull Specifications

UPDATE – New official picture now available (right).