MSN Messenger on the Orange SPV M3100 etc

MSN Messenger on the Orange SPV M3100 etc Today I wanted to get MSN Messenger on the
Orange SPV M3100
. We’ve heard about the new messaging software on the way from Orange however it’s still not here and I want to chat to friends with non-Windows phones who do have Messenger. (Grrr!). Yes, for some reason MSN Messenger is not, or very rarely, included in Windows Mobile phones these days. To get it installed you’ll probably find yourself putting it on seperately. I tried the “official” method which involves browsing to
this page and grabbing “Pocket MSN”. However, I ran into a problem – it wanted £10.99 off me to “Activate it” so I could use the thing :(.

So, I switched back to my rather “unofficial” method which I detailed here previously and yes – it still works. To get MSN Messenger on your M3100 (or M600 etc etc) you need to connect your device to your machine and run this (also available here). After it’s finished installing run this update (also available here) and you’ll have yourself a fully working (and free) copy of MSN Messenger.

Some of you may notice that my “unofficial” method actually installs a slightly older version of MSN Messenger, however it works fine and now I can actually use that QWERTY keyboard on the M3100 to it’s full potential!

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