Cingular 3G Coverage Frappr

Cingular 3G Coverage Frappr If you’re in the USA and on Cingular this page may be of assistance if you’re looking for 3G coverage. We were emailed by Paul who said…

“I wanted to submit this Frappr Cingular 3G availability map in hopes you could post it. Unfortunately we can’t rely on Cingular because their maps are always outdated due to many of the locations still being in ‘testing’.”

If you’d like to help them out just browse to this page and mark your location. Green is for “Yes” and red is for “No”. You can zoom in and plot your position precisely. I’ll be in Boston next week to check the coverage there! 🙂

Link – Cingular 3G Availabity Map (Unofficial) 🙂