Orange SPV C700 appears in catalogues

Orange SPV C700 appears in catalogues Hello, hello! Look what’s in the September issue of the Orange catalogue. Yep, it’s the hot new Orange SPV C700 3G-enabled Smartphone. Quoted as having a MiniSD card plus 128Mb internal memory and a 1.3 Megapixel camera it’s on page 21 of the Orange “Products and Prices” catalogue which is in every Orange shop here in the UK.

So, in theory you should be able to buy it yes? Well, not yet unfortunately. When I called Orange they said it was still sitting in “Handsets in review” and was being pushed back a few weeks due to “Ongoing performance issues with the handset”. We can only assume that this is a battery life or speed issue, however we don’t mind waiting until it’s sorted and working properly.

You can see the full shot of the catalogue by clicking here. Apparently this will now be arriving in early / mid-October.

Link – Orange Products and Prices (Orange SPV C700 handset)