Another free game for CoolSmartPhone readers!

Another free game for CoolSmartPhone readers! My old teacher used to tell me “You don’t get something for nothing in this life”. Pah, what did he know?! In fact, just to show how wrong he was we’ve got yet another free game for you! This time it’s a Tetris clone (ahh come on, everyone loves a bit of Tetris) called S-Tris 2.

Available for every flavour of Windows Mobile including Pocket PC and Smartphone it’s available here for a total price of bugger all.

Don’t forget you can also get the excellent GPrime XTreme shoot-em-up for bob-all and you could win $500 worth of apps and games too! Pish.. We’re just too good to you lot at times, we really are. 🙂

Links – S-Tris 2GPrime XTreme