Palm Treo 750v – First Impressions

Palm Treo 750v   First Impressions Yesterday we mentioned the launch of the Palm Treo 750v on Vodafone. Paul Ockenden managed to get his grubby mitts on one of these and has taken some snaps for us. Whilst we may be dwelling on the lack of 3G video calling and WiFi Paul states..

“Palm made a big point today about how they don’t go after the ‘specs wise’ market.

The two phrases I remember Ed Colligan saying were ‘Fingers not buttons’ and ‘Pockets not processors’. i.e. things like ergonomics and functionality are more important that megahertz and RAM.”

Check Pauls’ shots in the feedback forum. We’ve also had an email from, who have a translated review of the 750v. There’s Visto push-email available for the 750v too – read on for the press release on that. It’s interesting to note that the lack of HSPDA (3G on steroids) may be fixed if this story is to be believed. It seems that Voda have an exclusivity agreement on the device until Christmas too. Oh, oh, oh, whilst we’re talking QWERTY messaging devices, there’s yet more coverage of the HTC Excalibur / HTC S620 / o2 XDA Cosmo with more positive spin.

Link – Palm Treo 750v – First Impressions

Image Copyright and Credit – Paul Ockenden


Exciting, new business-ready handset to deliver Visto’s easy-to-use mobile email from launch

Redwood City, Calif., September 13 2006 – Visto, the leading global provider of secure push email to the enterprise market, today announced that it is supporting Vodafone’s push email services on the new Palm Treo 750v device straight from launch.

Visto’s patented Visto Mobile platform will deliver a secure and easy-to-use push email experience to business users on the Treo 750v – the latest feature-packed,  “business-ready” smart device from Palm.

“The immediate availability of Vodafone push email services on the Treo 750v demonstrates Visto’s ongoing commitment to providing email on all leading business-ready handsets as they come to market,” said Jean Tripier, Visto’s executive vice-president and chief operating officer. The Treo 750v is a stylish, high-end device and we’re delighted to be supporting it. Together with data security and ease-of-use, device choice is one of three core dimensions to driving the mass adoption of mobile email.”

The Visto Mobile platform supports easy-to-use mobile email on more than 100 business-ready devices on all popular mobile operating systems, including Windows Mobile, Symbian and Java. It also supports all leading email systems, including Microsoft Exchange 5.5, 2000 and 2003, Lotus Domino R5.0, R6.0 and R6.5 and internet-based POP3 and IMAP4 services.
This unique flexibility, and inherent security that requires no changes to firewalls, means that operators using Visto Mobile can offer an easy-to-use mobile email service to multiple market segments – from large corporations to SMEs and professional consumers.

The Palm Treo 750v with Visto-powered push email service is available first to Vodafone customers in the following countries: France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and the UK.