ORsIO n725 Specs and shots

ORsIO n725 Specs and shots The ORsIO n725 has been pictured and detailed over at msmobilenews.com. It runs Windows Mobile 5 on an Intel Belverde 524Mhz CPU and has a 2 megapixel camera with flash built in. The ORsIO also has WiFi, FM radio, IR and 192Mb Flash with 64MB SDRAM and a MiniSD card.

This device should be popping up around Russia soon although there’s no sign of it appearing elsewhere unfortunately.

Hmm.. that story was a little shorter than I’d imagined. Perhaps we got distracted by the fact that Brody from MSMobileNews recently met the Hoff. Pah! That can’t be the real Hoff! Where’s his KITT watch ?

Link – ORsIO WebsiteORsIO n725 Details