Calling all Orange SPV M3100 owners !

Calling all Orange SPV M3100 owners ! Got an Orange SPV M3100 ? Could you guys try something for me ? I thought it was just me having this issue, but after scouring out feedback forum it appears that others have too. The issue appears to be when browsing certain sections of the Orange World website over GPRS / 3G on the M3100.

For example, if you turn off your WiFi (to ensure you’re using the Orange connection), then open Internet Explorer and click Favourites->Orange World. Now scroll down to the bottom and choose “Orange Finder”. The error I get is something along the lines of “We are sorry, we cannot determine your mobile number. It appears that you are not using the Orange WAP settings”.

Is it just me? Or is this a wider problem? Let us know by posting your comment below.