Get your phone talking to you!

Get your phone talking to you! Tam emailed in (some time ago, sorry about that, I’m catching up on email again!) about this AT&T research site. We’ve actually mentioned this some years ago however Tam has taken it to another level..

“The above link will enable you type in text, hear it spoken by a human voice and if you like it download it as a WAV file. I use it with the “Custom ring tone” option to give a personal ring tone for each of my contacts.

IE. ‘Hi Tam! It’s Richard Green, answer the phone please’

This, together with a photo being displayed makes a very satisfying and professional job of caller ID and brings many admiring and jealous looks from my mates. Also you do not have to look at the phone or open the case to know who is calling you!”

Top work Tam ! But wait, there’s more. Tam has even changed the notification sounds too, like alarms, SMS notifications etc. Give it a try and let us know your experiences!

Link – AT&T Research