Getting the right Orange package

Getting the right Orange package I’ve been with Orange for quite a long time and my talk-plan is no longer available. However, I feel I need to change as the 200 minutes and 200 texts I get monthly don’t seem much for the £40-£80 I pay. I wanted to do a quick poll to see what talk plan you guys recommend, however I ran into some problems with Orange…

On Tuesday night I tried to call Orange on 150 to change my tariff. I tried again on Wednesday and twice this morning, however I just get disconnected with a message saying..

“I’m sorry we’re very busy and unable to continue with your call”.

I’m guessing the closure of the call centres can’t have helped this situation and this Inquirer has more information on the problems. Then it got more interesting…

Whilst checking the Orange talk plans I’ve noticed that the more expensive Panther packages include “Dedicated Customer Service” whilst the other packages don’t include this. What’s happening to the great customer service on Orange ? Do I have to change to a higher tariff to get through to someone?

Link – Orange talk plans