Free RSS Reader for Pocket PC – NewsCopier

Free RSS Reader for Pocket PC   NewsCopier This is NewsCopier, an excellent free RSS reader for Pocket PC. You can enter RSS feed addresses, import from OPML files or choose from a list of well-known channels. The free application can be downloaded here in CAB format – just copy it to your Pocket PC and then run the CAB using File Explorer to install.

RSS readers allow users to get all the latest news, information and gossip from their favourite websites without any heavy data downloading. You can update your channels whilst ActiveSync’d with your PC, via WiFi or any other internet connection your device may have. News feeds are displayed in an easy-to-view format and there’s an auto-update feature too.

For all those Smartphone users who are feeling left out, there’s soon to be an NewsCopier version for the Smartphone too. Yay!

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