HTC Artemis and Trinity in the flesh

HTC Artemis and Trinity in the flesh The .. err.. “Wireless Gentlemans Club” have another scoop, this time it’s the HTC Artemis and the HTC Trinity in the flesh. The BengalBoy site has an “interesting” style to it so there’s a certain amount of boobies and female flesh on the following links, however you can see some nice “safe” videos of the HTC Artemis in action below.

The HTC Artemis has an innovative on-screen mouse pointer with a nipple control at the bottom of the unit and a control wheel to scroll through menus. These pictures show the device in action – it’s got a 200Mhz CPU and GPS on board. Meanwhile these HTC Trinity shots show a very funky iPod-esque 400Mhz device which also apparently has GPS.

Videos of the new on-screen mouse system and on-board FM radio (yes, it really does have it) found on the Artemis can be seen below and it looks like the Bengalboy crew will be selling these soon at

Links – HTC Artemis exposedHTC Trinity exposed

Below you can see the HTC Artemis wheel and on-board mouse pointer in action…

Here’s the FM radio in action.. thankfully the video maker can’t be heard much on this one 😉