Loads of new games for you!

Loads of new games for you! There’s stacks of new games out right now for your Pocket PC or Smartphone. First up for the Smartphone we’ve spotted Dragonball – it’s a special QVGA version for those hi-res screens and is an addictive action puzzle with 73 levels. Retailing for £10.57 it’s got highly addictive gameplay and sound effects.

Next up for both platforms is Kakuro. If you’re into all that sudoku mularky then you need to check this out – it’s the latest craze and it’s selling for just £7.92. For the same price you can also get AngelSword – it’s a role playing game where you make a quest to find the mystical Angel Sword, a blade forged from good & evil. It’s got a stong Zelda-like feel to it and will immediately suck you in.

Again, for just £7.92 but this time exclusively for Smartphone users there’s Age Of Empires II – this is the widely acclaimed strategy game where you must manage your civilization with 13 types of buildings and 7 types of units, through 4 different ages. You will need your strategy and cunning to lead your people to victory in many missions created just for mobile.

Last, but in no way least, is Sky Force Reloaded on Pocket PC for £5.29 and now Smartphone for £5.27. It’s possibly the best shoot-em-up around and comes from those bit pushing wizards at Infinite Dreams! It’s got rave reviews across the board and is back again with more levels, more graphics, more music and more action!

Links – Dragonball QVGAKakuroAngelSwordAge Of Empires IISky Force Reloaded