BMW Bluetooth Problems – Sorted!

BMW Bluetooth Problems   Sorted! I’m forever getting emails from BMW drivers saying, “Hey, what are these indicator things for?” and “Driving in the outside lane should be made law!” 🙂 Nahh seriously, I get a lot of emails asking about the BMW bluetooth connection and the compatibility issues with Windows Mobile.

Jason Langridge has found a very cool little utility called Jetware Mobile which extends Bluetooth car kit support for BMW, Audi, Acura, Fiat and even Harley Davidson bikes ! You can grab this software here for both Pocket PC and Smartphone. It’s already won awards and you can get a 30-day evalutation here to install with the full version available after the evaluation for $14.95 (£7.92).

Jason tested it out with loads of devices and it gave some excellent results. It even gives you the ability to choose which contacts to sync. Nice.

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