Hubdog adds Blogger support

Hubdog adds Blogger support Hey! Wanna start a blog? Want to blog from your Pocket PC direct to an online blog? Well, now you can thanks to Hubdog’s new “Blog it” feature. You can grab Hubdog here and then enjoy these “Blog-it” features..

– Posts items online or offline.

– Support for the most popular blog site on the web. More blog services to be announced soon.

– Add images and enclosures to your posts.

– Minimal upload bandwidth; text, images and enclosures from a post are not uploaded from the phone.

– Send posts while on the road. Be the first to break the news no matter where you are.

Not only can you blog what you find, but you can also aggregate entertainment channels by simply using your “blog it” button to clip & post media items to a dedicated entertainment blog! Check it out now and visit their forum here too. Don’t forget you can also publicise your blog like this using the Hubdog blog button.

Link – Hubdog.comDownload here (Pocket PC only, Smartphone version soon!)