Cingular 8525 coming soon

Cingular 8525 coming soon It looks like the HTC Hermes is going to cross the Atlantic to Cingular as the 8525. Seen here in the UK as the Orange SPV M3100, T-Mobile MDA Vario II and Vodafone v1605, XDA-Developers have news that it will land without it’s face-mounted camera but with the addition of a PTT or “Push To Talk” button.

Why the removal of the face-mounted camera? We’re guessing it’s due to the less-than-perfect 3G coverage, which is needed for reliable video calls where fall-back to GPRS or EDGE isn’t possible.

No release dates or prices as yet but, as ever, we’ll let you know when we hear something!

Links – XDA-Developers (Via MSMobiles)