Tweak your Hermes!

Tweak your Hermes! If you’ve got a new M3100, Vodafone v1605, Vario II or any other version of the HTC Hermes then you should definitely check out this Hermes Tweaker. It’s a friendly front-end for a lot of registry edits and will let you turn plugins on and off, remove the battery and wireless manager from the tray, turn on / off HSPDA, disable the SMS sent notification and much more.

To grab this you need to be a member of the forum. Unless you speak German registration can be tricky, but luckily Arne at the Unwired has helpful translation advice.

Links – TheUnwired.netFit4Cat Hermes Tweaker

UPDATE – If you turn on the HSPDA capability with this it may apparently stop you making calls, so beware!

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