– More picture codes !   More picture codes ! It seems like just minutes ago we were telling you about QR Codes and how good they were etc. Well, it turns out there’s something else out there called which produces..err.. circle codes. Again it’s a similar idea. Point your camera phone at the image and you’ll be taken to a special website or shown information.

For anyone wanting to create a code there’s added benefits. Not only will convert your URL into a special mobile version, but it’ll also keep a record of who’s accessed your site via the shotcode too. You can even create shotcodes with embedded usernames and passwords – for example you could hand one out to access a secure area with an individual username and password. Better yet it supports a whole range of phones, including the new HTC TyTN (aka Hermes / M3100 / Vario II etc) – check out the listings here for full details – there’s a Smartphone CAB, Windows Mobile 5 (Pocket PC) and other Pocket PC versions too. If you’re stuck just fire up the browser on your phone now and type – it’ll give you a list and you can install directly ! You can also verify short codes here.

I’ve just given the Smartphone (C500) version a try on my C600 and it seemed to work fine. It’s a little different to the QuickMark software in that you have to actually take a photo and then give it a second to load the appropriate URL but it does the trick! 🙂 You can also check interesting sms marketing tips on Jook SMS.

Link – (That’s Shotcode, not Shortcode)
Credit – Ant