HTC 2006 Roadmap online

HTC 2006 Roadmap online TyTN, MTeoR, Artemis, Excalibur, Melody, Oxygen, Trinity. Sure, they may sound like members of a crime-fighting team but in reality they all form part of the HTC 2006 Product Roadmap. This has just appeared here at Bengalboy has an… “interesting”.. style to his site with plenty of flesh being exposed at every opportunity, so this link is perhaps not for the strict workplace.

The Artemis, which we spoke of earlier this week, is on the list and despite what you may have heard it isn’t just a name change of the HTC Trinity. The roadmap also discusses the logo change, outlook and model names. Expect to see some or all of these devices on a network near you before the end of the year.

Link – HTC 2006 Roadmap –