Flying without gadgets

Flying without gadgets Keeping this site updated means I have to visit a lot of tech sites around the globe to keep up with the latest gossip. Yesterdays terror plot seems to have filtered into gadget sites, with many webmasters annoyed at having to pack away their precious gadgets in regular luggage or facing a flight without their Pocket PC. Sure, I like my gadgets too but, given the option, I’d rather shove them in the hold and comply with security regulations rather than moan about it on my website.

My wife, as you may know, is a member of Cabin Crew. Yesterday she was on a flight from the UK whilst I sat at home reading comments on websites stating that these new security measures were “too tough” and how people were annoyed at having their gadgets removed. Personally I’d rather have it this way instead of letting some terrorist nut-case on board with half a bottle of Lucozade Chemical Bomb drink and some electrical equipment. Whilst I don’t fully agree with articles like this, I must confess to seeing a severe lack of safety and security on some internal flights in other countries and I think these temporary measures are right. I also believe it’s possible to survive a 9 or 10 hour flight without your gadgets. Those seat-back entertainment centres are getting pretty sophisticated now plus you’ve always got the pretty stewardesses to look at and, should anything get damaged you’ve got insurance too. Oh, and let’s not forget the free beer if you’re on a scheduled flight. 🙂

Yes, you could say my personal circumstances are showing up in this post. I agree. My wife is a stewardess for gawds sake. However, last night I watched the news and I was incredibly impressed with the majority of the British public who stated that they were happy to comply in order to make flying safe. It’s a shame not everyone agrees.