A good idea from Orange

A good idea from Orange Ever had your phone stolen? Did it make you want to scream out loud? Well, soon you will be able to get your phone to do it for you … from the very pocket of the light fingered dirtbag who stole it from you!

According to this story Orange have devised a system in partnership with a company called Synchronica that will make your stolen Smartphone kick up an unstoppable screaming racket, likened to the sound made by a person if they were being attacked, once you report it as missing.

It will also have the added benefit of enabling you to remotely wipe all of the data stored on the phone, thus depriving the enterprising tea leaf of any potentially lucrative info, like credit card details, access to your Amazon / Ebay / PayPay accounts etc etc. Initially, this service is said to be being rolled out to business customers, for a fairly steep £10 per month service charge, but if popular, might find it’s way intro the domestic users arena.

I love this idea – it may not get your ‘phone back for you, but at least it makes life more difficult for the thief … pretty hard to sell a phone in the pub that sounds like a banshee being set on fire all the time.

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