Get your questions to Orange UK

Get your questions to Orange UK I’ll let you guys into a little secret. Here in the UK there’s quite a few mobile phone networks. You’ve got Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, o2, Three and then you’ve got the likes of Virgin, Fresh etc. I get a bit of contact from T-Mobile, plus Three and o2 are pretty good too. Vodafone are…well… I’ve yet to hear from them.

Orange however, are very up-front and open with both us and the CoolSmartPhone community as a whole. Each month they ask me what the key issues are for the SPV users. So, I’m going to open the floor to you guys. What would you like to know? What would you like to see changed? Let me know via a comment, email or private message and we’ll filter them down to the top five. Remember that we’re after constuctive questions and comments here, for example I asked them, “Why did MSN Messenger get removed from the M600?”, so we’re looking for questions of that nature.

This is your chance to speak to the guys who really matter, so get your thinking caps on and get typing!