SPV M3100 hits Orange Website

SPV M3100 hits Orange Website The Orange SPV M3000 is a great handset. It got released by Orange in most of Europe but not here in Britain. It’s appeared on o2 (XDA Mini S), Vodafone (QTek 9100) and T-Mobile (MDA Vario) but Orange UK didn’t release it. We got mad. We started a campaign to get it released, we even started a poll but in the end we were shot down.

But wait.. there is light, and this time it’s brighter and faster than ever before. This is the SPV M3000 on steroids – the Orange SPV M3100 ! It’s now landed on the Orange “coming soon” pages and there’s details and features a-plenty.

It’s got 3G, it’s got HSPDA compatibility (let’s call it super 3G), it’s got that 2 Megapixel camera we love on the M600, it’s got a flash, MicroSD slot, 128Mb of internal memory, quad-band technology, a jog-wheel, direct push-email, WiFi and all that stuff you’d love on the SPV M3000 if you had one.

Gimme. Gimme Gimme.

Link – Orange SPV M3100 on Orange.co.ukDetailsSpecs

Credit – Eden Dwek