HTC Excalibur – Real snap and possible launch for T-Mobile!

HTC Excalibur   Real snap and possible launch for T Mobile! Hot on the heels of the HTC Excalibur graphic comes the actual device itself! Here it is running what appears to be a T-Mobile flavoured Smartphone OS. Yes, it looks like T-Mobile are testing this out ready for a possible launch.

This blurry shot (which seems to be in a supermarket somewhere!) appeared today on Engadget Mobile courtesy of “Indianboy”. We’ve touched it up a bit and shrunk it for clarity.

Wifi has been confirmed, as has the touch-sensative slide strip on the side. There’s also news about the screen resolution. Apparently it’s greater than QVGA!? Eh? VGA? Nah?!

More news as we get it.

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