Do you know where that phone has been?!

Do you know where that phone has been?! Following on from the story last year showing work desks to be dirtier than toilet seats, it’s now emerged that your mobile phone is too. You mobile also has more germs and bacteria than the bottom of your shoe or a door handle and there’s tens of thousands of microbes living on each square inch of your phone.

According to the microbiologists a combination of the constant handling plus the heat created by your phone and your hand make for an ideal breeeding ground for nasty bugs. According to the Daily Hate-Mail you can get all sorts of bad stuff including Staphylococcus aureus which can cause pimples or boils, although it can develop into pneumonia and meningitis.

Gawd I can’t stand the Daily Mail! Talk about scaremongering! They continue to rattle on about MRSA and how you could die of pneumonia. Plus the comparison with a toilet seat is insane as it’s actually quite a clean place to be. Your toilet floor is dirty, but it’s been proven that your toilet seat actually isn’t that bad at all… although you would look a tad weird holding that to your face trying to make a call.

Link – Via Sky News