QuickMark – Get info, websites or text by QRCode!

QuickMark   Get info, websites or text by QRCode! Camera phones, they’re everywhere. Surely there’s got to be more useful things you can do with them than simply taking shots of your mates drunk? Well yes there is. This QuickMark software installs to your phone (I found that the Dopod 577W software worked best on my Orange SPV C600) then it’ll automatically decipher these QR-Codes, which are basically fancy bar-codes.

QuickMark do this software for a wide-range of phones and I must confess it works fantastically well. I merely need to wave the camera lens near to this code and it instantly comes up with the URL associated with it. Just imagine how useful this would become if the QuickMark software was included in phones as default – you could go the shops and get a full recipe just by taking a shot of the barcode on a tin. Perhaps you could find a website for your favourite artist merely by zapping the QR code on the CD cover or get the latest tour dates merely by snapping an advert in the newspaper.

I’ve downloaded the CAB file for the Dopod 577W (click here to learn about CAB files), put it on my C600, then installed it and created this QR-Code which is a shortcut to this site. If everyone had this software I could just say, “Take a photo of this image on the right to visit our new mobile website!”.

Links – QuickMark softwareCreate your own QR-Codes here