Pictured – The HTC Excalibur QWERTY

Pictured   The HTC Excalibur QWERTY Windows Powered QWERTY-phones seem to be all the rage right now. We’ve seen the Motorola Q and the Samsung i320 so far, both super slim messaging handsets for text and email addicts. HTC, makers of the majority of Windows Mobile handsets, are now getting their QWERTY called the “Excalibur” ready to roll. This pre-production image from Smartphonethoughts shows the device which, according to sources, is a bit shorter than the i320 and a couple of millimetres thicker.

The Excalibur will apparently be Quad-band and will have wifi on-board. It’s also got a “jog strip” which, we presume, is that silver line on the side. This lets you move up and down simply by sliding your finger up along the strip.. oohh.. sexy. 🙂

As we already know from experience HTC are getting better and better with their designs and have the capability to roll devices out quickly. Watch out Moto and Samsung!

Link – Smartphonethoughts.com

UPDATE – See this story for a real photo and more details!