Orange to bring unlimited packages too

Orange to bring unlimited packages too The Register have an interesting story on some data plan changes at Orange. Following the fantastic unlimited plans by T-Mobile Orange are going to bring in a top price on the Dolphin, Canary, Raccoon and Panther packages to include unlimited calls, texts and yes, browsing too.

The Panther package includes unlimited browsing and text messaging for £75 per month (Wa-ho! How much!?) The other packages include various unlimited parts – unlimited texts or unlimited evening calls etc. Orange state there’s no “fair use” or capping either. The changes bring the whole Orange brand more into line and help to clarify the infinite number of calling plans and packages on many networks.

The Register
also have
this.. ermmm.. “review” from pocket-lint of the HTC TyTN, although how a couple of stock-images and 10 short paragraphs constitute a “review” I’ll never know.

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UPDATEClick here for details of the new Unlimited plans direct from Orange.