QTek 9000 Appears on Three.co.uk – Info and Specs

QTek 9000 Appears on Three.co.uk   Info and Specs You may remember that we were first to tell you of the QTek 9000 arriving on Three. Well, they’ve now got an information and specs page online plus this picture of how it’ll look on the Three Network here in the UK.

Three will be offering their own push-email solution with this (at £5 per month extra we presume), making it particularly attractive for those working on the move and companies who don’t want to have to mess about with Exchange Server etc. If you do decide to go for this then you’ll also be connected to the most established and most wide-spread 3G network so transferring data should be a breeze. Oh, and let’s not forget the video calling and other features that this HTC Universal has (seen on Orange as the SPV M5000 and o2 as the XDA Exec to name just two) – a full QWERTY keyboard, touch screen, 640×480 screen, 1.3 Megapixel camera, Bluetooth, stereo speakers, Windows Mobile 5.0 with office apps and much more.

Three though have a slightly “different” approach to internet access. You can bolt-on a package called Mobile Web Sites 5 or Mobile Web Sites 15 for £2.50 and £5 per month respectively depending on how much browsing you intend doing (these packages only give you access to selected websites though). If you want to go for full browsing you have to go for the Wireless Web 56 package, giving you 56Mb of data for £15 per month or Wireless Web 512 for £45 a month giving you a whacking 512Mb of traffic at speeds of around 384 kbits/s (that’s just a bit less than “old style” half-meg broadband).

Pricing and release date isn’t known as yet, although a place on their list of available handsets means it’ll be arriving very soon indeed.

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Credit – Ant