Confirmed – Cingular 3125 (HTC Star Trek)

Confirmed   Cingular 3125 (HTC Star Trek) You guys from the US should be getting the lovely Star Trek sometime soon. You may remember we spoke about this just the other day when it got approved by the FCC so we figured it must close to release. Today, according to Gizmodo, it should be around August 8th. They’ve got one of those mail-in rebate forms showing a new handset called the Cingular 3125 – this pretty much confirms the earlier gossip about its’ name on Cingular in May.

Can someone explain these rebate form things to me? I bought a laptop in New York once and I couldn’t figure out why I had to fill in three different receipts and then mail them back with some more forms just to get a couple of hundred dollars off the price. Why not just reduce the price before I buy it? Then the shop can do all the form filling? 🙂

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