PC Pro – Not quite right…

PC Pro   Not quite right... I’ve just spotted this PC Pro article which looks at smartphones from a business perspective. This group test included a wide range of handsets but over half were Windows Mobile devices. It’s an interesting read, although it starts off badly with..

“Let’s start with the Orange SPV C600, a powerful Windows Mobile device with a traditional mobile phone form factor. I still find it almost incredible that a device this size will allow me to edit native Word and Excel files, although, of course, the tiny screen and lack of a QWERTY keyboard mean you’re unlikely to be tempted to write your next novel or prepare the company’s annual report on your phone.”

Err.. What? Did this guy even pick up the C600? Since when have you been able to edit Word and Excel documents out of the box on a C600? It seems that PC Pro didn’t even have the handset, let alone turn it on. 🙁

Unfortunately I haven’t yet read the rest of the article as I’m just about to dash off to the pub, however I’d be interested to hear your comments on this below…

Link – “The Source Of All Smarts” – PC Pro article

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