Oooh! Is your phone on vibrate?

Oooh! Is your phone on vibrate? The Mobile Life 2006 survey is out today with some interesting insights into todays mobile world. The survey, by the Carphone Warehouse in association with The London School of Economics, examines how mobile phones have changed the way we live. 16,500 people stated that..

– Texting has overtaken talking as the most popular way to use mobile phones

– Young adults say their mobile phone is more important to them than television

– Almost half think they’re being controlled by their employer via their work mobile

– Only one in five people stop and turn their mobile phone off before sex

Mobile phones have become “the social glue that connects us” and we’re totally useless without them. The rise and rise of camera phones has also turned most of us into wanna-be paparazzi, snapping celebs and newsworthy events whenever we want. People are also using their phones to record crimes, although you’ll have difficulty recording the phone being stolen itself with around 10% of those surveyed reporting a phone theft. This figure rises to 20% for young women, which is a little worrying.

The full Report Here is an interesting read and should prove useful for those developing apps and handsets.

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