i-Teq X-Bond – TV Enabled Pocket PC !

i Teq X Bond   TV Enabled Pocket PC ! OK, you gotta check this thing out, it’s called an i-Teq X-Bond (shaken, not stirred) and it’s coming to the Batelco network in Bahrain. It’s apparently the first Windows Powered PDA with TV to enter the Middle East market. Selling exclusively from Batelco outlets, the tiny Windows Mobile 5.0 based device has a built-in TV receiver with which users can watch all terrestrial PAL / Secam TV channels for free. It’s also got a built-in FM radio and recorder to record songs from, Windows Media Player, and twin stereo 3D surround speakers.

The tri-band GSM X-Bond is powered by an Intel PXA272 416Mhz CPU and has a 2.1-megapixel camera with macro lens. It also comes with an Arabic keyboard, push-email facility, Wi-Fi (802.11b) and Bluetooth V1.2. We’re intrigued by that “rabbit ear” aerial, which surely would poke someone in the eye on your local bus, but it’s definitely a very interesting looking thing all the same.

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