A6 Times – Read news on the go

A6 Times   Read news on the go Say “RSS feeds” to most people they’ll fall asleep. Although most people won’t have any idea what they’re for or what they do, they are very clever indeed. RSS / ATOM / XML, whatever you wanna call it they’re basically stripped down data feeds from websites containing all your favourite news, sport, gossip or reviews. Our news RSS feed for example is just a strange-looking text file, but if you stuff it into an RSS reader you’ll get a easy-to-read page containing the latest CoolSmartPhone news with pictures.

A new RSS reader called A6.Times is now available for all versions of Windows Mobile here. It’s got a sleek user interface which organizes information into sections like a newspaper and has OPML file import too. To install A6.Times you must first grab .NET Compact Framework, which is a bit of a pain considering that alone is 37Mb, however the resulting software will let you grab all the very latest news whilst hooked onto your computer. Then, when you’re out on the train or bus, you can catch up with all the very latest news from your favourite websites (most sites have RSS feeds but click here to learn more about them).

A6.Times is $24.95 (£13.65) but there is a trial version available too.

Link – A6.Times