Broken Sword Coming to Windows Mobile – Get your discount!

Broken Sword Coming to Windows Mobile   Get your discount! The classic “Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars” has always been a favourite since it first appeared on the PC. This is a splendid adventure game which will keep you glued to the screen until you finish it. It’s choc full of fluid animation, full speech soundtrack, music, subtitles and comes with a very immersive storyline. Revolution Software, the creators of the original PC version, have now managed to squash the game into just 120Mb without losing any of the original quality. The result is a hugely entertaining adventure game that’ll now fit on your Pocket PC.

You play George Stobbart who’s on holiday in Paris. You witnesses an explosion at a small cafe but later all you can remember is a weird jester that appeared right before the explosion. You’ll meet up with Nicole, a Parisian reporter covering the explosion, and team up to solve the mysterious events. On the way you’ll visit Dublin (Wehay! Guinness!), Spain and the Middle East. It’s a thorough and challenging 2D cartoon-like adventure which is both entertaining and fun.

Broken Sword is available to pre-order now from the Astraware website at a special pre-order only price of $19.95 (about £10.86), that’s a $10 (£5.45) saving on the regular price. This is a hotly anticipated game so make sure you get it at this bargain price by clicking here.

Link – Broken Sword – Pre Order (To be released August 2nd 2006)