We’ve won an award!

Weve won an award! The guys at SwiftScripts.co.uk have blessed us with the “website of the week” award. Their site, which houses lots of useful PHP, CGI and Perl scripts, gave us a stonking 8/10 for the service we provide. It’s not all good news though, apparently we only get a 3/10 for design and viewing our site on a 56k dial-up connection is a bit painful due to page loading times. Pah – who uses a dial-up modem in 2006 ?! Come on, broadband is about £9 a month, plus we have the mobile version of the site too!

Click “read more” to see what James had to say about us or log into SwiftScripts.co.uk for more

Website of the week – www.coolsmartphone.com – 10/7/2006

Hello again. Here is the second website of the week news item to be posted on this site. If you want to find out more about the website of the week item then scroll down a few items and you will find the description of what this is for. Just a little note before I start: If any of you out there think that your website or one which you have seen deserves the website of the week award then please contact us and let us know.

Right. This week I have chosen www.coolsmartphone.com as the website of the week. If you click on the link above you will perhaps wonder why I have chosen this website as the website of the week. It is not based on design like last week and it is definitely not based on it loading times but rather it is the service offered that makes it the website of the week. Once you have got your head around the laborious design of the web site and have actually started using it you will see what a mass of information is available for viewing and download. The front page of the site is full of short to-the-point and useful news articles which you can read without having to log in or do anything. Once you log in you can access even more content with their extensive downloads section and huge forums. I use this website regularly and I don’t know where I would be without it. I give coolsmartphone.com 8/10 and a big thumbs up for the services they offer and the ideas behind the website but I only give 3/10 for design and coding as the mass of adverts plastered everywhere makes loading times very big (especially on a 56k connection). Have a look and see what you think.