o2 XDA Atom Exec hits the web

o2 XDA Atom Exec hits the web See the mighty atom! Well, that’s what this new o2 website is called – dedicated to the new o2 XDA Atom with it’s Intel XScale PXA 27x 520Mhz CPU, Wifi, 240×320 screen, 2 megapixel cam (with flash), 192Mb ROM / 64Mb RAM and Tri-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE. It’ll run Windows Mobile 5.0 with push-email and has bluetooth 1.2 on board. This other o2 site has more information including where to buy – although if I click “Europe” it just bombs out to www.o2.com, which isn’t much help.

I’m at tad confused by o2. They have fantastic promo sites like seeo2.com, seemightyatom.com and myxda.com but it’s rare to see any mention of these new handsets on their regular regional websites like o2.co.uk, which means it’s difficult to buy. Anyhow, click the links below to get some more information on this device..

o2 XDA Atom Exec Links – FeaturesFull specsOverviewSeeMightyAtom.com